Act now. Act with purpose.
Act for the University of North Dakota


Crowdfunding is an innovative approach to fundraising. Crowdfunding is designed to empower UND students, faculty and programs to raise much-needed funds for projects to be successful.   Crowdfunding offers donors a new avenue to directly support specific projects at UND that have special meaning to them and provides an immediate impact.  Crowdfunding uses the Internet and Social Media networks to request support from alumni, family and friends, giving them an opportunity to make an impact and enhance the UND experience. 


The University of North Dakota Alumni Association & Foundation (UNDAAF) runs approved crowdfunding projects through an online platform called Act. Each project will be accessible through the landing page, and each project will receive acustom URL and page layout.


Download our Act Guidebook for all the details and to complete an application. 


Please contact Deb Wilson at or 701.777.2611.