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    Don't see the answer you were looking for? Feel free to e-mail us your question at webmaster@undalumni.net or call us at (800) 543-8764.

    Q:  I was trying to read an article in the most recent version of AroUND. However, I am being linked to a newspaper site and told I need to pay $2.95 to read this article. Has UND gone to contracting fees for us to read alumni magazine articles online?

    A:  We strive to bring you up-to-date and interesting news about UND. Sometimes this news is written by outside sources and as an organization we cannot copy and send the entire articles out because of copyright laws. The current practice for local papers (and many national newspapers as well) is to offer their articles online for free for a certain period of time, usually a week or so after publishing, and then to archive the article. Once archived, viewers might be asked to pay a fee to read the article.

    The Alumni Review magazine and all of its online content continues to be free of charge for all alumni and friends.


    Q: I clicked on a link to a news article on the homepage (or in AroUND) and was asked to register before I could view the article. Why are you making me register? Can't you just send me the whole article?

    A: We strive to bring you up-to-date and interesting news about UND. Sometimes this news is written by outside sources and as an organization we cannot copy and send the entire articles out because of copyright.

    Many papers such as The Washington Post, Grand Forks Herald and Fargo Forum ask that users register before reading. The registration is free and once registered you can ask that the news site remembers you and you won't need to log in again from that computer.

    We provide the links to news we think alumni will find of value, but cannot control whether the individual sites we link to require registration to read. We apologize that this adds an extra step for our alumni, but hope that most people find that extra step minimal compared to the value of receiving the information.


    Q: How can I let the UND Alumni Association know that I've moved?

    A: There are several ways you can keep us up to date on your contact information.

    Online: If you are a registered user of our website, you can update your alumni profile online after you have logged in. If you are not already a registered user, you can update your information during the registration process.

    E-mail: Send an e-mail to webmaster@undalumni.net with your new information.

    Phone: Call us at (800) 543-8764.

    Q: I was told I could switch my UND e-mail account over to an alumni e-mail account but I can't find any information about web-based e-mail on your site?

    A: This used to be the case. As of March 1, 2007 we no longer offer web-based e-mail because of a necessary change in vendors. The UND Alumni Association does offer an e-mail forwarding service where you would sign up for a "yourname"@undalumni.org or "yourname"@und-alum.org address. E-mail sent to this address would then be forwarded to the e-mail of your choice, a hotmail or yahoo account for example. To sign up for e-mail forwarding you need to be a registered user of our site. Once registered and logged in, go to the Online Services tab in the left-hand navigation bar and select E-mail Forwarding from the menu. 

    UND is in the process of changing current students over to an e-mail they can keep after graduation. The Alumni Association hopes to offer the same or similar service for alumni once UND has finalized their program.


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