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Sioux Award & Young Alumni Achievement Award Nomination Form

The Sioux Award is an honor and tradition dating back to 1949. First known as the Service Award, it was presented to M. Beatrice Johnstone in recognition of her 58 years of service to the University of North Dakota. Beatrice was one of the University's earliest graduates, receiving her degree in 1891. In 1914 she became the first rural school nurse in the nation. She devoted her career to education, serving as superintendent of schools and later was director of the University division of correspondence. During the awards ceremony, Beatrice Johnstone was declared "queen of the alumni," a noble beginning for this distinguished award. The award was next given in 1956 and was called the Alumni Achievement Citation for community service, loyalty and support of UND. Recipients were Judge William Nuessie, a 1901 graduate; Judge O.B. Burtness, a 1906 graduate; Judge Gudmunder Grimson, a 1906 graduate; Dr. Min Hin Li, a 1920 graduate; and Henry Lykken, a prominent business leader and one of the early presidents of the UND Alumni Association.

The Sioux Award, as it is known today, is the highest honor given by the UND Alumni Association for achievement, service and loyalty. Its first recipients in 1962 were Judge Edward J. O'Connor, Clarence "C.D." Locklin, Dr. William "Bill" Durnin, a 1930 graduate; Edmond Hughes, and Sybil Kelly, a 1918 graduate. Since its inception, this distinguished award has been presented to leaders in government and business, to high achievers in the professions, and to alumni who have dedicated their lives to service for others.

The Sioux Award is recognition and honor for an individual, and it also embodies the history and tradition of the University of North Dakota, a university which can proudly claim alumni, who, in so many ways, make their lives count for the benefit of others.

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The Young Alumni Achievement Award was established in 2002 to recognize UND's more recent, outstanding alumni as they embark on their chosen paths and strive for greatness. Persons considered for the Young Alumni Achievement Award are:

  • Those who have demonstrated high levels of achievement in one's chosen career or profession
  • Those who have demonstrated leadership ability or the potential for leadership and distinction in the long term
  • Those who have shown support for the University of North Dakota
  • Those who have shown substantial commitment to the service of others

This honor is awarded to alumni age 40 and younger.

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