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Spring 2014 Student Alumni Ambassador

Name: Landon Bahl, Minot, ND

Major: Entrepreneurship & Marketing; minor in Sport Business

Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2015

Why UND?  From the very beginning, back when I started discussing colleges and the path I wanted to travel after high school, the University of North Dakota was always in my sights. After having my mom, two older brothers and relatives attend UND, it seemed that it was the college I was destined for.  I never questioned myself about the decision. Throughout my life I was always interested in business, and had started a business while in high school and thought business was my path in higher education. Throughout high school I was told I had the entrepreneurial spirit engrained in me. Since then, business has been my chosen path at UND. I began to hear about a new major being offered at UND called Entrepreneurship and when I heard that, everything aligned correctly and I knew I was going to be a future Entrepreneurship graduate from the CoBPA at UND!

Aspirations: My dream career is to be the Chief Executive Officer/Owner of a publicly traded company that has a product and/or service in the entertainment industry.

How is UND helping you realize that dream? In my years at UND thus far, UND has been able to provide so many tools and resources for me to utilize. Down the road when graduation comes I will have no doubt that I will be able to tackle the world and pursue what I am passionate about in my Entrepreneurship path! The College of Business and Public Administration (CoBPA) has played a tremendous role in my studies and has made me realize I will be able to pursue my dream after UND. This tremendous role has started with the great CoBPA faculty in the classroom.  All the professors put students first and aspire to give you the best education! Networking is key in the business world today and the CoBPA connects you with fantastic alumni. The alumni support the CoBPA has is incredible. To have incredible alumni is one special asset but to have alumni that care about students and want to engage with them is another asset. We are fortunate to have both at UND; caring and engaging alumni! In my years at UND the alumni support has been greater than I could ever imagine. I have been able to engage in conversation with so many successful CoBPA alumni and it’s truly been so valuable
for me. Having that alumni support has helped me stay motivated and determined to pursue what I am passionate about and reach my goals. I’ve been able to benefit from alumni in so many ways, from networking to classrooms to scholarships of which I am very thankful.

A story that will forever stay in my memory is when I was awarded a scholarship from a UND donor.  This donor went above and beyond the call of a scholarship donor. She is so passionate about helping students and getting to know them!  I had the opportunity to sit down with her. The advice I received from her was immeasurable. Being able to sit across the table with an alumni who has been so successful throughout life is special and rewarding. With an incredible University and Business College along with wonderful alumni and networking resources, the University of North Dakota makes it easy for me to realize my dream and pursue it!

In Landon's Words:

Currently I am finishing up my junior year in the College of Business with my studies focusing on Entrepreneurship and Marketing along with a Sport Business minor.  With college being some of the best years of my life, I am not rushing the experience.  It’s been a blast. Before I know it, it will be graduation time!

I take my academics seriously and remind myself that I am here for an education. While it is very important for students to get involved, I am lucky enough to have found a balance between involvement and academics.

Since the beginning of my freshman year I have been a proud member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Having positions as Public Relations and Alumni Relations in the fraternity kick started my involvement. Those positions enabled me to get into the community discussing our philanthropies and talking to alumni and keeping them engaged! Through all my positive Greek experiences, I felt the need to give back to UND Greek Life in some form. I began to do this by being elected to serve as Recruitment Chairman for the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), which is the governing body of all fraternities on campus. Through my service on IFC I am hoping to leave an impression on UND Greeks.

I have been a hockey fan all of my life and to say Sioux hockey and the Ralph did not sway my decision to come to UND would be a lie! Before I arrived on campus my freshman year, I had already obtained a job with UND Athletics in the media relations department and was looking forward to Sioux games. My sophomore year I was hired with the UND Athletics Marketing department and have been working in the marketing department since. I have enjoyed every moment of it!  Being able to interact with fans and help create the most amazing atmosphere for athletics is special.  Our programs have given me goose bumps on several occasions. From giving tours of the Ralph Engelstad Arena to running intermission games, the experiences have been unforgettable. Currently I serve as a UND Athletics Marketing Intern and perform on ice PA for men’s and women’s hockey, and on court PA for men’s and women’s basketball. I have also had the honor to serve as the President of UND’s student booster group called NoDak Nation (formerly Sioux Crew), that undoubtedly are the best fans in collegiate athletics!
Other organizations I have had the privilege of being involved in are the UND Student Ambassadors and Dakota Venture Group. UND Student Ambassadors has been very rewarding. Having been able to help with two Welcome Weekends thus far is one of the most exciting things I have been able to be a part of.  I feel Student Ambassadors is one way I am able to give back to the University which has given me so much. Currently I am in my second year serving
as a Student Ambassador Team Leader. Dakota Venture Group (DVG) is a 100% student run venture capital investment group that I was accepted into my sophomore year. This has contributed to my education on so many levels! Through DVG I have been able to acquire experiential learning in the fields of venture capital and angel investing. Currently I am a managing associate in DVG.  I manage a local company in our DVG portfolio of which I sit on the Board of Directors. This is an absolute unheard of opportunity for a college student and provides truly hands on corporate experience that cannot be gained in the classroom.

UND stresses the importance health and wellness. I have decided to go a step further with my physical wellness. Being healthy and staying in shape has always been a passion of mine so I turned that passion into a way that could help students. I am a current group exercise instructor at the UND Wellness and love every minute of it.  Being able to help and motivate students to reach their fitness goals is rewarding for both the student and myself. I am looking forward to the future semesters and continuing to provide support and motivation to students wanting to improve their physical wellness.

At UND I have been a University Senator, a member of the Sport Business Student Association and served on the 2013 student fee advisory committee.  During my sophomore year I ran for UND Student Body Vice President. The campaign was very eventful and a definite learning experience. The campaign gave me the opportunity to speak with many student organizations and students.

Everyone uses this cliché but it is so true…”It seems like yesterday” I was moving into my dorm for my freshman year and did not know what the coming years would have in store for me. I believe I have been able to embrace college to its fullest and take advantage of every opportunity I have been blessed with at UND. UND has changed me for the better as I have grown in so many ways and have built great relationships and made fantastic connections. I have received a great education thus far and cannot thank the University and our awesome alumni enough that make it all happen! Graduation will be here before I know it and it will be sad, but it simply marks the beginning of a new and exciting journey, the journey of calling myself a proud alum of the University of North Dakota!

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