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Fall 2014 Student Alumni Ambassador

Name: Steevie Frankl, Grand Forks, ND

Major: B.S. of Psychology ’14; M.A. in Counseling ’16 (emphasis on mental health)

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2016

Why UND?  I chose to attend UND because I grew up in Grand Forks and have ties to UND & the area; the majority of my family lives in Grand Forks and the surrounding areas and my mother also attended UND. Not to mention, it was definitely the most affordable option for me to receive a college education, especially for how long I will be attending school.

Aspirations: My dream career is to be a practicing Counseling Psychologist with a Ph.D. at a privately owned practice specializing in children and families.

How is UND helping you realize that dream? UND has helped me realize my dream by having such supportive, encouraging, and passionate professors. The Psychology department at UND has some of the most incredible educators on campus. To be completely honest, psychology classes can sometimes be a struggle; however, the professors make the information desirable because of their passion and excitement for the material. In the same regard, the information that is already exciting sticks with you for the long haul because they take you on this journey with them through the many different realms and aspects of the broad, constantly changing psychology field. In addition, the professors are helpful by meeting with you during their busy schedules, offering numerous research /teaching assistant opportunities and are realistic when it comes to advisement and plans. Several of the professors had a big role to play in helping me realize the field that I would not only excel in, but would 100% enjoy as a full-time, lifelong career.

In Steevie's Words:

I graduated from UND in May, cum laude, and am extremely excited to continue my journey at the University of North Dakota when I start graduate school in the fall. During my freshman and sophomore years, I was a member of the UND Cheer Team for football and basketball. Cheering at games, meeting my teammates and members of other sporting teams was an unforgettable experience. Being a student-athlete made me a well-rounded person. I also joined the Student Ambassadors as a freshman, became a Student Ambassador Executive Board member (formerly known as Team Leader) my junior year. I would have to say that becoming a Student Ambassador completely changed my college career. All of the people, events, experiences, achievements, etc. are incomparable to any other program I have been a part of. Recently, the Student Ambassadors have collaborated with the UND Alumni Association & Foundation to become their premiere student organization, which I feel will help the Student Ambassador program become even more of a staple at UND, and I cannot wait to continue with this organization.

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